Sergeant “Ripper” Jackson was originally meant to be the exclusive Warhammer store opening and anniversary model for 2021, but because of the Covid-19 situation, Games Workshop decided to make her available in all Warhammer stores and on from September 12 to 20. We secured one of these limited models and take a look at what’s inside.

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The model comes in a small cardboard box. Inside you find a single small clampack-sized plastic sprue that comes in a black plastic tray, a 32mm base, and a coloured assembly instruction and rules booklet. Almost a mini diorama thanks to the scenic base, the miniature depicts a bad-ass female Catachan veteran sergeant, resting her bionic leg on a severed Tyranid head, boltgun on her shoulder, chainsword on her back. One eye missing, she is barking orders to her troops, her fist clenched angrily, framed by death world jungle fauna. In my opinion, the design is perfect. Powerful pose, no sexualization, flawless proportions and just utterly cool. A shame that the basic Catachan models are so old and dated in comparison.


Games Workshop updated their assembly instructions a while ago, they are now full colour, with clear and well laid out with digital graphics of each assembly step and a couple of very basic painting suggestions. Even though the model is single pose, it’s not push-fit, and needs a knife and glue to assemble. Mold lines are present but minimal, the parts all cleverly laid out so all joints are hidden and no gap filling will be needed.


None. This is a single pose model with no alternate parts or weapon options. No alternate head like on the Catachan Colonel. You could remove the scenic base and put her leg on a rock or part of rubble, but then you’d need your hobby knife to remove the parts that are connected to her feet. Arm and head joints aren’t compatible with other models from the Astra Militarum range.

Fun factor 

Gaming-wise she has no unique rules and is meant to represent a regular veteran sergeant. But I think most of the enjoyment will come from painting her as a collectors piece, as she is a treat to paint as a mini diorama with her detailed scenic base and cool pose. There are a lot of different textures to explore – skin, armour, clothes, plants, the Tyranid head. I bet we’ll see her show up on one Golden Demon competition or another.


RRP is 25 Euro / £21 / $35, so as most of Games Workshop plastic characters, quite expensive for the minimal amount of plastic you receive. I remember the time when plastic characters were half the price, but at least she is not 30 Euro like Sister Tariana Palos. Sergeant Ripper will be only available in Warhammer stores and on for a limited time between September 12 and 20, so no sweet discounts from independent retailers. The day of publication of this post will be the final day to order her, so don’t miss out if you’re interested, as due to the limited availability I expect to see the model show up on ebay for inflated prices soon.



Final Verdict

Fantastic and characterful model. As usual, Games Workshop charges premium prices for premium products.