Gamers Grass manufacture a wide variety of grass tufts in several colours, blends, shapes and sizes. They’re a great way to add realistic vegetation to your models or scenery. In this review I’ll share my thoughts on the Alien Turquoise 6mm Tufts. Check it out after the jump.

Design & Features

The Clamshell package includes one sheet of tufts and paper insert with the product details on. The plastic packaging is reusable so you have somewhere safe to store the tufts. The tufts are all stuck on a piece of grease proof paper. These tufts are 6mm in height and all the tufts are different shapes and sizes (described as wild on Gamers Grass’ website). You can order different heights and you can choose all the same size instead of wild. Each tuft has their own adhesive making them ready to use straight from the packet.

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Whilst they are “self adhesive”, I prefer a dab of superglue to be doubly sure.


Gamers Grass 6mm Tufts are £4.20 a pack. This is my third purchase of this set as I’ve been using them on my Slaves to Darkness army. The price has varied slightly each time I’ve bought these from a different source. My first order was from gamers grass and it was £10.06 (including delivery). The second time Gamers Grass has sold out so I bought from Darksphere and it was £7 (including delivery). The third time Darksphere were out of stock so I found them for £6.98 (including delivery) from You can buy two packs of Gamers Grass and it will cost less than the Citadel equivalent and give you more tufts overall.

Different factions with a unified basing scheme can tie a collection together.
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Final Verdict

The quality of  Gamers Grass is superior to Citadel’s tufts. Citadel tufts have visible glue, where as you can’t see the adhesive with the Gamers Grass tufts. The Gamers Grass tufts are fuller and plumper. The only downside is finding them in stock is can be an issue. At the time of writing they are sold out on DarkSphere and Pro Tech Models. They’re back in stock at Gamers Grass.