I’ve got 4 video reviews for you today. A video for each Warcry Grand Alliance
book. Check out what I thought of these collective tomes after the jump.

The Grand Alliance books are expansions the Warcry
Skirmish game. You’ll need a copy of the Warcry Core Rulebook, miniatures and
terrain to use the contents of these books.

Each of these books contains details on how to use the contents of the book.
The contents includes the rules on how to use Allies and Monsters, so you
don’t need the original Monsters and Mercenaries Expansion. It includes a
couple of pages of background for each faction. You’ll get all the fighter
profiles from previous editions as well a few new ones (Chaos Lord on
Karkadrak!!!). Each book also has Alliance specific Fated Quests and Challenge
Battles as well name and background generator tables. Each book is a self
contained tome with everything in one place.

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Warcry: Agents of Chaos Grand Alliance review.

Warcry: Bringers of Death Grand Alliance review.

Warcry: Sentinels of Order Grand Alliance review.

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Warcry: Harbingers of Destruction Grand Alliance review.

980pts of Slaves to Darkness.

The Agents of Chaos and Sentinels of Order printed books are
£20 / €24.53. The Bringers of Death and Harbingers of Destruction printed
books are £15 / €19.63. The differnece in price is to account for the
different in page numbers. I think these are good value. If a pack of Warcry
cards for a single faction are £6 and you can get all your Grand Alliance
factions profiles, plus all the new profiles plus monsters, plus Fated Quests
and Challenge Battles for £15 or £20 then that’s fantastic value.

1200pts of Daemons of Khorne with Slaughter Priest Ally and Raptoryx
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Final Verdict

If you collect lots of Warbands or you want to know the rules for your opponents' Warbands then these expansions are a must. There's plenty of new content to warrant their existence. If you've already purchased the cards then you can still use them as they haven't changed the rules. The only one I've spotted that's changed is the Aspiring Champion for Slaves to Darkness and that's so you can use the one in the Start Collecting set as a leader. That doesn't mean the old card is obsolete you can still use it. These books collate and builds upon it's previous content. If you're a casual player who only plays with the Starter Set Warbands then you don't need these but if you want to explore the fantastical world of Age of Sigmar on a smaller Skirmish scale then buying all 4 of these books gives you EVERYTHING you need.