A while ago I painted an Impulsor grav tank for my Silver Skulls collection, and now I painted all the parts for the Gladiator Valiant variant. Check out this mighty battle hover tank in this post, and find out how you can easily build a modular Impulsor/Gladiator without the need for magnetizing.

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Cinematic shot of a Silver Skulls Gladiator Valiant painted by Stahly

I’ve always had my issues with the look of Primaris tanks and vehicles, the classic Space Marines Rhino and the classic Land Raider are just so iconic in their shape and martial simplicity. But I have to say that I do like the Impulsor chassis, especially after having built and painted it myself. And the Gladiator variants are bursting with weapons and just look insanely powerful.

Space Marines Primaris Gladiator top shot, painted as Silver Skulls

If you buy a Gladiator, you can also very easily build the tank modularly without having to magnetise. I wrote this post especially for this idea:

My painted Gladiator Valiant tank

You might notice that the front of my Silver Skulls Impulsor / Gladiator Valiant looks a bit different. I used 3D printed grav plates in the style of the Repulsor by Tight Bore Designs, check out their website here, they have a few cool accessoire pieces, like covers for the Tempest’s driver and gunner compartments.

Space Marines Primaris Gladiator Valiant, painted as Silver Skulls

Painting was pretty straight-forward. The hull was primed black, then sprayed with a zenithal basecoat of Vallejo Mecha Color Dark Steel. For shading, I used black panel liner from Tamiya, I explain exactly how to do this in this beginner-friendly video. Then it was just a drybrush with Vallejo Model Air Steel, filling in all the details, and done.

Space Marines Primaris Gladiator rear view, painted as Silver Skulls

For the multi-melta sponsons, I tried a muzzle burn effect for the first time. Would you be interested in a tutorial? Let me know in the comment section or over on our Discord.

If you wanna see what this model looks like in its Impulsor configuration, check this post:

I hope you like what I have made of the Gladiator chassis. Leave a reaction or let me know in the comment section, and check out my Patreon, I’ve got a some cool bonus content and tutorials there. See you soon, and happy hobbying!