Thanks to the ongoing Dawnbringers narrative, the Stormcast Eternals have two new releases to look forward to: Cryptborn’s Stormwing and the Blacktalons, known from the novels and the Warhammer+ animation series. In this review, we’ll brave the storm and unbox both kits.

Stormcast Eternals Cryptborn's Stormwing and The Blacktalons review and unboxing
These items were kindly provided by Games Workshop. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

Both new Stormcast Eternals boxes will be available for preorder starting Saturday, October 28, 2023, and go on sale not one but two weeks after (which means a preorder window of two weeks).

Cryptborn’s Stormwing review

Cryptborn’s Stormwing contains three models: the new Ionus Cryptborn on Dracoth, and a pair of Stormdrake Guard.

Ionus Cryptborn, Warden of Lost Souls

Ionus Cryptborn on his Dracoth Cthorak is a new Arch-Relictor character for the Stormcast Eternals. The model includes three medium-sized sprues and a 100mm base. There are no customization options or additional bits for the model. For converters, it’s worth noting that the rider is completely separate from his mount, but the saddle throne is not a separate piece and forms the upper body of the Dracoth.

Our friend (and former contributor) Amy took some very handy size comparison pictures that I would like to share. Ionus and his Draconith Cthorak are quite massive.

Stormdrake Guard

The Stormdrake Guard were released with the launch of the third edition of Age of Sigmar some time ago but are still relatively new. Cryptborn’s Stormwing contains the contents of a box of Stormdrake Guard, so two large sprues containing two models on 105mm oval bases. One of the models can also be built as a Knight-Draconis.

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The kit offers surprisingly many assembly options. For the Draconiths, there are:

  • Two bodies (unfortunately, the arms are not posable or interchangeable)
  • Two interchangeable pairs of wings
  • Four interchangeable necks in different poses
  • Two interchangeable heads

The two riders can fit on both Dracoth bodies. Included are:

  • A male and a female rider
  • A right arm that can hold either a flaming sword for the Knight-Draconis, a regular sword, or a lance
  • A right arm with a lance
  • A right arm with a sword
  • Two left arms with shields, plus an extra shield for the Knight-Draconis
  • A helmet for the Knight-Draconis, three helmets with male features, one male bare head, three helmets with female features, one female bare head

The Blacktalons review

Based on the Warhammer+ animation series, Neave Blacktalon now receives a second model release, along with her entourage. The box contains five models: Neave Blacktalon, Hendrick, the Silver Wolf, Rostus Oxenhammer, Shakana Goldenblade (all on 40mm bases), and the Idoneth Deepkin Soulscryer Lorai (on a 32mm base).

Stormcast Eternals The Blacktalons sprues 1 and 2
The Blacktalons Stormcast Eternals sprue

All the models are monopose, which I find acceptable for a “collectors’ item” box. However, for each of the four Stormcast, there is one helmet and one bare head included as head options. Overall, I find the design of the models with their scenic bases well-executed. Neave Blacktalon’s screaming head looks a bit off in the painted ‘Eavy Metal version, but it looks slightly better unpainted. Nonetheless, I prefer the previous model overall.

Stormcast Eternals The Blacktalons sprue 3
Lorai, Child of the Abyss sprue


Both Cryptborn’s Stormwing and The Blacktalons offer great value in the GW eco system. A single box of Stormdrake Guard already costs £75 / 100 € / $125, and I estimate Ionus Cryptborn to be worth at least £75/£80 due to his size, making the total value of the box around £150/£155, for an RRP of £150 / 130 € / $170. You’ll probably never get these models this cheap. The Blacktalons are also reasonable at £45 / 60 € / $75, considering that you get 5 large character models on 32 or 40mm bases, and Neave Blacktalon used to cost £22.50 / 30 € / $35 as a single model.

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Cryptborn's Stormwing
The Blacktalons

Final Verdict

Ionus Cryptborn is a beautiful new centerpiece model for all dragon fans, unfortunately only available in a bundle and not individually. However, the savings will be substantial, and the Stormdrake Guard models are still very new. The Blacktalons are a nice box for all that follow their novels and series. So, Stormcast Eternals collectors have no reason to complain.