Age of Sigmar, Showcase

Showcase: Ironjawz Orruk Brutes by Forest

Hey party people! Forest here. It’s time to get mean and green again, the biggest boys left their homes to pillage yours. If you wanna get to know them and find out why they always travel with a spare head, read more after the jump….

Painting Guides, Showcase, Warcry

Showcase: Warcry Royal Beastflayers (inc. painting guide)

Heeding the call of their liege, the Royal Beastflayer and her noble entourage sally forth into the Gnarlwood to clear their lands of monstrous beasts. The reality is far from this version of events with the truth being these deluded ghouls are under the influence of an insane vampire with a monstrous hunger. Check out this post to see my painted Royal Beastflayer Warcry Warband, with some insights into how they play and a painting guide recipe card.

Painting Guides, Showcase, Underworlds

Showcase: Warhammer Underworlds Wyrdhollow boxset (inc. paint recipes)

Underworlds finally joins Warcry and delves deep into the Gnarlwood in the Realm of Ghur. Warbands venture under the trees and into the cavernous root halls to find spilled treasures from the fallen voidship the Eye of Chotec. In today’s post I share stunning cinematic photography of Domitian’s Stormcoven and Ephilim’s Pandaemonium. Want to know how I painted these models? Well I also have full paint recipe cards for you to bookmark or download to keep for free.

Photo of the Speedpaint Mega Set 2.0

Review: The Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 – finally fixed?

Speedpaints are loved by some for their unique blending properties. Others hate that the paints reactivate and bleed through subsequent layers of paint. The Army Painter were faced with the difficult task of satisfying both camps and sought the help of three of YouTube’s most popular hobby channels. Is the new 2.0 formula a solid improvement or the worst of both worlds? And are the metallic Speedpaints as underwhelming as some of the promo shots make them to be? I’ll find out in this hands-on Speedpaint 2.0 review.

40k, Showcase

Showcase: Leagues of Votann Cthonian Beserks

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go! These augmented space miners are off to deal with a wicked Wych or two before heading to the nearest asteroid to mine it for precious materials. You can check out the close up of my painted squad here, unless you’re too busy sleeping in forest waiting for a Daemon Prince to wake you.