On the Station April 21

Further progress on the Banshees. Black areas and swords are done. Left to do are the purple bracelets, the details on the sword, base and a lot of mistakes that need to be corrected. And I mean a lot. A little hint: Don’t use Citadel…


Talking about Matt Varnish

For today I wrote an article about spray on matt varnish over at Brückenkopf: Link. It is written in German and specifically looks into products on the German market. So it might not be suitable for my foreign readers, but nevertheless!


On the Station April 15

Progress is coming slow with the Banshees. Shading the armour the cleaning up ate time. And there is a lot of detail work yet to come… On the far right you can see the finished test model for the squad.

40k, Showcase

Showcase: Vostroyans

Finally, high quality pictures of the Vostroyan Squad I painted. Click for higher resolution. Vostroyans were released as some kind of poster boys for the Cities of Death expansion for Warhammer 40.000. As a result of the “shiney new toy syndrome” I bought the battleforce…


My unpainted pile of shame

I thought it might be interesting for you guys to have a list of my backlog. These are the models and kits I currently own which are not painted or built. This is essentially the stuff you can expect in the next months in this…


On the Station April 11

Work ist done for the Vostroyan squad. These are the finished 3 lasgunners, they only need some varnish. Once I get around that, I will do some HQ pictures of the whole squad and some closeups. Should be due next week. I also started with…


On the Station April 10

I’m currently working on a small squad of five Vostroyans. The first two (officer and flamer guy) are already done and those are the last three lasgunners. They will be done in the next few days and after that I will continue with my Saim-Hann…