Horus Heresy, Showcase

Showcase: Age of Darkness Alpha Legion Marine

It has taken me a couple of months, but I have finally caved and bought the Age of Darkness box set. This article is about my first MkVI marine from that box, painted in the Alpha Legion colours. Want to see an unusual take on the Alpha Legion? Read on!

Cinematic shot of a converted Crimson Fists Primaris Captain
40k, Showcase

Showcase: Crimson Fists Primaris Captain

Hi Everyone, it’s Tom again – you may remember me from my recent posts about miniature Titans and a beefy Stormcast. In today’s post I’m going to talk about a converted Crimson Fist Primaris Captain, and the Secret Sanguinius model swap behind it. 

Stormcast Lord-Commander Bastian Carthalos Cinematic Shot
Age of Sigmar, Showcase

Showcase: Stormcast Eternals Lord-Commander Bastian Carthalos

With the release of Dominion, I started a small set of Thunderstrike armour Stormcast Eternals – I was drawn to the nicely balanced proportions in particular and loved the dark pink of the Celestial Warbringers. Bastian Carthalos was a natural model to want to paint next! The different colour scheme may be controversial to some, but painting named characters differently to the lore can look great.