Necromunda, Showcase

Showcase: Classic Necromunda Escher Gang

At last, I’ve finished repainting the final five models to complete the rework of my classic Escher gang. Check out the complete collection, including every single model of the original 20 Escher sculpts.

Necromunda, Showcase

Showcase: Stahly’s Necromunda Armies on Parade 2020 entry

Sunday was the deadline for 2020’s Armies on Parade submission, because of the current global situation, digital-only for the first time. Coincidentally, it was also my first Armies on Parade entry. I entered in the Specialist Games category, and my theme was Necromunda Old vs New: My classic Escher gang clashing with a modern Goliath gang on a mix of classic Necromunda cardboard terrain and modern Sector Mechanicus scenery. Check out a shot of the full board after the jump.


WIP: Necromunda Goliath Gang with Juves #4

I’m working to bring my five model Goliath Gang to full strength, so here are five more models. New Necromunda doesn’t have dedicated models for Juves, so I thought it would be fun to mix in some classic Goliath Juve models into the mix. Like…

Necromunda, Showcase

Showcase: Classic Necromunda Escher Gang #1

Inspired by painting the new Goliath models for Necromunda, I thought it was the perfect occasion to revisit my classic Escher gang I painted in 2014. I feel these Jes Goodwin sculpts have aged very well, as they were ahead of their time (and ahead…

Necromunda, Showcase

Showcase: Necromunda Goliath Gang #1

I’ve finished the first five models of my Goliath gang! Skardreg’s Stimmers are ready to cave some skulls in. Find out more about the models and how I came up with the paint scheme – after the jump. The mighty Skardreg himself, and his champion…