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ToP Tip: 5 reasons why should use a wet palette (even if you’re not a pro painter)

For over 20 years I didn’t use a wet palette, just random stuff like old CDs to pour my paint onto. I always thought a wet palette is only for wet blending masters and Golden Demon level paint jobs with a lot of intricate paint mixes, but not for me, who uses most paints straight out of the bottle. I didn’t consider a wet palette to be an essential hobby item, but having made the switch, oh, how wrong I was. In this post, I tell you five ways a wet palette will improve your painting no matter your skill level.

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Review: Redgrass Games RGG Premium Brushes


Redgrass Games offer a range of three brushes and claim it’s all you need for painting miniatures: a size 2/0 and 2 made from Kolinsky sable, plus a size 4 synthetic drybrush. Are they right? And how do their brushes stand up to the competition? Find out more in this comprehensive review.

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