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Showcase: Warcry Fomoroid Crusher

Smashing through from the Eight Points this week is my take on the Fomoroid Crusher for Warcry. An overall amazing kit with a ton of options and bits. Reminding us that the word Ogre isn’t a synonym for a green swamp dwelling creature with Scottish accent voiced by a Canadian.

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Tutorial: How to Paint Tarantulos Brood Doomweaver

In this post, I’ll show you how to paint a Tarantulos Brood Doomweaver from the Warcry Red Harvest box set. I painted this model in 20 easy to follow steps. You’ll learn how I paint white webs, spider armour plates, poisoned skin and more. This tutorial is perfect for any of the models in the Tarantulos Brood like the Broodmaster or Broodkin. Find out how in this tutorial.

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