Hey everyone! I’m very happy to show you my first finished unit for my new army for the new edition of Warhammer 40,000; the Skitarii Rangers of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

I’ve always loved the Adeptus Mechanicus range of models, especially the Skitarii, I have a small Skitarii force back from when they first came out in early 2015. It’s probably been since about then since I last played a game of 40k, with the new edition now upon us I’m really excited to get back into it! I decided to go with Adeptus Mechanicus for my new army for new 40k, purely because I love the models, the lore and I think the rules are pretty cool too. 

I got myself a Start Collecting Skitarii box, and these guys are the first unit done for my army. I decided to go with Rangers because I love the hooded look, although I can see myself probably getting some Vanguard in the future too.

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I’ve gone with a slight variant to the Metalica Forgeworld scheme of cream/off white cloaks, because I wanted something a little different to the usual red Skitarii you see. I also didn’t want to put them just on Martian cracked earth, as I’ve done that with my previous Skitarii, and so wanted these to look a little different. However, I wanted them to also have a feel that they are either on Mars or their clothes have been stained from the toxic air of the industrial forgeworlds over time, so I’ve gone for orange weathering powder to make their cloaks and the bases look dusty like they’re walking through an industrial factory situated on Mars. The new Sector Mechanicus bases are fantastic, and I also wanted to use this army as an opportunity to paint some. 

I’m particularly pleased with how the Arc Rifle and Plasma Caliver glow has come out on the models, this was very simple to achieve, it was painted Caledor Sky all over and in the cracks, then highlighted Baharroth Blue on only the raised edges, highlighted white on the sharp edges at the top, glazed Guilliman Blue and then re-highlighted white again.

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I’m really excited to use these in a game, but I’m also really excited to paint something else for the army. The Rangers felt like they took a while, although I’ve been painting them in dribs and drabs over a few weeks, I think next I’d like to either do a character model, or maybe a small unit, possibly the Kastelan Robots.