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New Vallejo Game Color review featured image

Review: New Vallejo Game Color range – now for pro painters only?

With the help of painting legend Angel Giraldez, Vallejo not only changed but reinvented their venerable Game Color paint range. A more matt finish, better pigmentation, lots of new colours, but also a lot of old colours gone or changed. I’m afraid whether the new Game Color formula is really an improvement, or only catering to pro painters like Angel while neglecting the needs of us more average painters. Was the old Game Color range really so bad it needed to be redone from scratch? I answer this question and more in my review of the complete new Vallejo Game Color range.

Flesh-eater Courts Abhorrent Ghoul King with Crown of Delusion unboxing & review
Age of Sigmar, Reviews

Review: Abhorrant Ghoul King with Crown of Delusion

Join us here on Tale of Painters as we unbox this year’s Boxing Day miniature: a review of the Flesh-eater Courts Abhorrent Ghoul King with Crown of Delusion. This Warhammer Commemorative Series miniature will only be available for a limited time only, so find out in this review whether the new Ghoul King is worthy of hunting or not.

All 24 Vallejo Contrast paints lined up for reviewing

Review: Vallejo Xpress Color – copycat or Contrast slayer?

Contrast, Instant Colors, Speedpaint, Dipping Inks, and more Contrast – I reviewed them all. And now we have Vallejo entering the game with their brand-new Xpress Colors. Do these bring something new to the table or are they yet another half-baked Contrast rehash? I’ll find an answer in this complete review of all 23 Xpress Colors.

Reviews, Warcry

First look: Warcry Sundered Fate unboxing

Today we review the second box from the current Warcry season, Sundered Fate. Garfy has already assembled the new models, and with the two new warbands, the Hunters of Huanchi and the Jade Obelisk, as well as new Gnarlwoods terrain, there is a lot to discover, so check out our unboxing.

Duncan Rhodes' Two Thin Coats paint range review

Review: All 60 Two Thin Coats paints by Duncan Rhodes

Duncan Rhodes’ Two Thin Coats paints. What started as a meme has now become a fully-fledged 60 colours paint range, thanks to Kickstarter and the power of the internet. But do we really need yet another paint range? Can Duncan reinvent the wheel or are his paints just a cash grab to exploit his popularity? I’ll find out in this in-depth review of all 60 Two Thin Coats paints.

Astra Militarum Cadia Stands Army Set Unboxing & Review
40k, Reviews

Review: Astra Militarum “Cadia Stands” army set

Army sets, army sets, anyone else wants an army set? Just a week after the release of Slaves to Darkness army set, the 41st millennium is now also being graced with a new big box set, heralding the brand new Imperial Guard range. Cadia stands in our unboxing & review of the new Astra Militarum army set.