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Pro Acryl Signature Series review and unboxing

Review: Pro Acryl & Pro Acryl Signature Series

Love it or hate it, but influencer hobby products have become a thing. We’ve witnessed ex-GW presenter Duncan Rhodes launching his own paint range, Angel Giraldez selling airbrushes, and now Monument Hobbies are stepping in with their ProAcryl Signature Series. They’ve already dropped two paint sets co-developed with YouTube legends Ninjon and Vince Venturella, and two more sets by pro painters Ben Komets and Matt Cexwish are out when you read this. In this review, I’ll be taking you through the entire ProAcryl range, with a special focus on the Signature Series. Is this paint range truly living up to the hype or are you just getting influenced?

Tyranids Deathleaper, Neurolictor, and Lictor unboxing and review
40k, Reviews

Review: Tyranids Lictor, Neurolictor, and Deathleaper

Stealthy Lictors are emerging from the shadows for the first time in plastic. In this review, we’ll take a close look at the Lictor, Neurolictor, and Deathleaper models, exploring their design, versatility, and what they bring to the Tyranids army. Let’s dive into a world of stealth and terror.

Tyranids Norn Emissary, Biovore, Hormagaunts, and Genestealers review and unboxing
40k, Reviews

Review: Tyranids Norn Emissary, Biovore, Hormagaunts & Genestealers

After the Great Devourer narrowly won the Battle for Oghram, Tyranid collectors can now look forward to a new Codex and a new wave of miniatures. In part 1 of our reviews, we take a closer look at the Norn Emissary / Assimilator, the Biovore / Pyrovore, as well as the new Hormagaunts and Genestealers.

Cities of Sigmar army set review and unboxing
Age of Sigmar, Reviews

Review: Cities of Sigmar Army Set

Take up the Coin Malleus, Dawnbringer, and join us in today’s review of the brand new Cities of Sigmar army set, featuring 28 new models and an updated battletome with a special edition cover. In this post, we check out all the assembly options, see how the new Steelhelms stack up to previous Age of Sigmar and Warhammer Fantasy models, and see what the new book has in its arsenal.

Chronicle Cards Teflon Tiger Brushes review

Review: Chronicle Cards Techlon Tiger Drybrushes Kickstarter

Chronicle Cards have caught my eye with their high quality and stylish brush sets. After the successful launch of their wolf bristle brushes and Kolinsky sable brushes, Chronicle has now launched a new Kickstarter campaign. This time, they aim to fund an assortment of drybrushes in various shapes, along with matching accessories. I’ve had the chance to try out some of the Techlon Tiger drybrushes, and I’m here to let you know if this Kickstarter is a worthy investment or not.

Two Thin Coats wave 2 review, Duncan vs Citadel Glaze paints

Review: Two Thin Coats Wave 2 by Duncan Rhodes

After successfully launching his Two Thin Coats paint range with Trans-atlantis Games in 2022, thanks to Kickstarter now comes wave 2, which includes six brand new Glaze paints to help you boost the vibrancy of your paint jobs. In this video I’ll be reviewing all 60 colours from the second wave and sharing some of my long-term experiences and nitpicks with Two Thin Coats wave 1.

Horus Heresy Cerastus Knight Lancher review and unboxing
40k, Horus Heresy, Reviews

Review: Plastic Cerastus Knight Lancer

People may be waiting for more infantry, but first, the Horus Heresy setting is gifted with another colossal plastic kit: the Cerastus Knight Lancer (also playable in Warhammer 40,000). In our review, we take a closer look at the largest Imperial Knight to date.

Collage of Citadel paint pots from the 2000s and a Firstborn Ultramarines Captain

Retro review: The 1998 – 2012 Citadel Colour range

Do you remember the previous Citadel paint range? While many fondly recall the iconic white flip-top Citadel Colour paints of the late 80s and early 90s, it seems that people are less enthusiastic about the paint range of the 2000s. However, this range introduced revolutionary concepts like ready-made washes and extra high-opacity “Foundation” paints. In this video I delve into Games Workshop’s former Citadel Colour range and explore if they still have their place in today’s hobby or are better left forgotten.