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Video Showcase: Space Marine Heroes Series 1

Now on YouTube: Space Marine Heroes Series 1 Showcase

I thought celebrating 10 years of Tale of Painters would be the perfect occasion to finally make one of the announcements from my 2021 hobby resolutions come true and launch my YouTube channel with my first ever video: an epic showcase for my Space Marine…

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Tutorial: How to paint Salamanders Armour

Today I present you my take on painting the iconic green armour of the Sons of Nocturne, in an easy to follow step-by-step tutorial, painted with the budget-friendly Warpaints range from The Army Painter we reviewed recently. Check out the detailed instructions after the jump….

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WIP: Salamanders Space Marine Heroes Brother Calistus

Here comes a small but fun project: Painting one of the models from the Space Marine Heroes Series 1, Brother Calistus with flamer and MkIV armour (and, strangely, MkVII arms and pauldrons). After painting Primaris old Marines feel so small (even though they slightly upscaled the…

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