Tale of Painter is an unofficial Warhammer hobby magazine and painting blog. Since 2011, we bring you free tutorials, in-depth reviews, and stunning pictures of our painted miniatures for your inspiration. The works of our contributors have been featured in White Dwarf, Warhammer Visions, and on Warhammer Community numerous times.


We are a group of like-minded hobbyists who love painting and collecting Citadel miniatures, just like you. We pride ourselves to put a lot of effort into our articles, tutorials, and photography, to bring you the best possible content. Blogging and writing about our hobby is a labour of love that we do in our spare time, after our day jobs. Tale of Painters is completely free, but if you would like to support our work, join us on Patreon for extra content and sneak peeks.


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Miniature painter from France, absolute fan of GW miniatures for years and years, now paints what inspires him and loves working to do it the best way possible.


Miniature painting artist and commission paintress at Heart Skull Studio located in Wuppertal, Germany.


Automation system designer from Poland during the day, paint slapping madman and commission painter at night.


Hobbyist and collector from Germany with over 15 years of experience. Passionate Armies on Parade participant with 5 gold medals so far.


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Photographer and Mini Painter from the Great Mitten that is Michigan.


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Fruit Bear

‘Eavy Metal style aspirant from Perth, Australia.


Miniature painter from Cádiz (Spain), in the Warhammer hobby since 1994.


Miniature painter with a soft spot for Rogue Trader and second edition Warhammer 40,000 minis.


Product Designer, Photographer, and Gamer from Brooklyn, NYC.


Austrian hobby squirrel and commission painter at Battle Brush Studios. One of the founding members of Tale of Painters and a long-time contributor.


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Space Shrimp

Miniature wargaming (goblin) fanatic from the land of the eternal cloud, London. Over the years she has collected mostly anything that in her words “looks cool”, so most of GW’s catalogue.


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Two brothers from the UK. Avid painters and lifelong fans of tabletop miniatures.


Polish model painter and collective figures repainter, loves Khorne, Dark Eldar, and all things evil, bloody, and violent (in no apparent order).

Gone, but not forgetten. These contributors are no longer an active part of Tale of Painters, but you can still browse their archived posts:

Amy, Comrade Quiche, Forest, Lecoqadoodledo, Haywire Grenade, Rev, The Wight Jester, ThirdEyeNuke, Xoxtile