Tale of Painter is an unofficial Warhammer hobby magazine and painting blog. Since 2011, we provide you with free tutorials, in-depth reviews, and stunning images of our painted miniatures. The creations of our contributors have been showcased in White Dwarf, Warhammer Visions, and on Warhammer Community multiple times.

We are a community of like-minded hobbyists who share a passion for painting and collecting Citadel miniatures, just like you. We take pride in investing significant effort into our editorials, tutorials, and photography to deliver the best hobby content possible.  Blogging and writing about our hobby is a labour of love that we undertake in our spare time, alongside our day jobs. Tale of Painters is entirely free, but if you’d like to support our work, consider joining us on Patreon for exclusive hobby resources and behind-the-scenes content.

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UK Painter


Austrian hobby squirrel and commission painter at Battle Brush Studios. One of the founding members of Tale of Painters and a long-time contributor. All posts by Sigur


Sheffield based hobbiest and photographer, collects a bit of everything from Rivendell Elves to Adeptus Titanicus. All posts by Tom


Here you will find our extended network of like-minded painters and friends of Tale of Painters:

andruald94 · arkaanpainting · chickenwire_painting · finniggans_fat_crow_painting · gawfang · gerard40k · ljittai · logan_1982 · matt.hammer40k · my.little.guys · sonsofguilliman · thirteen_miniatures · ultramarine_lm · uruks_customs


Gone, but not forgetten. These contributors are no longer an active part of Tale of Painters, but you can still browse their archived posts:

Amy, Aurélie(Heart Skull Miniatures), Banzai1000, Comrade Quiche, _fizz_gig_Forest, Lecoqadoodledo, Haywire Grenade, Rev, SpaceShrimp, The Wight Jester, ThirdEyeNuke, Xoxtile