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Showcase: Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Team Skeleton (incl. painting guide)

Cinematic shot of a Blood Bowl Skeleton with some dice on the Blitz Bowl gaming board

When Vallejo sent me their new Xpress Colors, I was looking for a model I could try the new paints on. My choice was this Skeleton player from the Shambling Undead Blood Bowl team, as it has a nice amount of (in)organic detail and texture that is perfect for a Contrast painting style. I also tried to slapchop for the first time! Find out more in this post.

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Blood Bowl, Showcase

Showcase: Blood Bowl Reikland Reavers

Hi, friends. It’s summer, isn’t it. So it’s time to do the sporty activities, which for me is painting sporty people. It’s the good old Reikland Reavers. A classic. Straight out of the box, with the exception of a few figures having been replaced by…

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