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Age of Sigmar, Reviews

Review: Darkoath army set

Slaves to Darkness: Darkoath army set review and unboxing

With 27 brand new miniatures, the Slaves to Darkness: Darkoath army set finally brings an update to the outdated Chaos Marauders. Join us as we explore the details and build options of each model, from their menacing weaponry to their striking hairstyles. Get ready to embrace the power of Chaos and reclaim the Mortal Realms from the forces of order.

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Reviews, Warcry

Review: Warcry: Pyre and Flood

Warcry Pyre and Flood review and unboxing

In the tangled depths of the Gnarlwood, a battle of elemental forces unfolds in Warcry: Pyre & Flood. This latest expansion brings two new warbands into the fray – the Ydrilan Riverblades and the Pyregheists. As the Nighthaunt seek to engulf the verdant realm in flames, the Lumineth Realm-lords stand as its protectors. With high-resolution sprue images and an exploration of both warbands’ build options, this review dives into the heart of the conflict raging within the Ravening Ruin.

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Fantasy - The Old World, Painting Guides, Showcase

Showcase: Tomb Kings of Khemri Liche Priest and Mounted Liche Priest (inc. painting guide)

No, you haven’t clicked on an old blog post from 2003, I really have painted a couple of 21 year old sculpts. It is a shame I had to pay 2024 prices and not 2003 prices, I guess the Liche Priest and Mounted Liche Priest deserve 2024 paint jobs then. In today’s post I share my experience and tips with working with metal models.

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Kill Team, Reviews

Review: Kill Team: Nightmare

Kill Team: Nightmare review & unboxing

In the 2nd boxed expansion of this season of Kill Team, two dreadful factions clash amidst the chaos of Gallowdark’s collision with the forge world of Bheta-Decima. Featuring the dread-inducing Nemesis Claw of the Night Lords and the enigmatic Drukhari Mandrakes, this packed box is accompanied by an imposing Generatorum Hub terrain piece and enhanced by nine new missions and narrative twists. Find out more in our review of Kill Team: Nightmare.

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