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Tutorial collection Dark Angels
40k, Tutorials

Tutorial collection: Dark Angels & Deathwing

Repent! You have been found guilty of not having painted all your miniatures yet. In this tutorial collection, we'll show you not only how to paint the Terminators from the new Deathwing Assault box, but also the classic Dark Angels dark green and the black...
Tutorial: How to paint Hive Fleet Lotan with TTCombat paints
40k, Tutorials

Tutorial: How to paint Hivefleet Lotan Tyranids

Lotan is one of the new Hive Fleet introduced in the 10th edition of Warhammer 40k. In this tutorial I demonstrate how to paint Lotan's characterful colour scheme with its crimson skin and reddish shimmering black carapace. For this I use the new paints and...