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Speedpainting grimdark Sons of Horus video tutorial
Horus Heresy, Tutorials

Video tutorial: Speedpainting grimdark Sons of Horus

Today I have a video version of my popular Sons of Horus speedpainting tutorial. This tutorial uses techniques like zenithal highlights, sponge weathering and drybrushing, allowing you to finish a Space Marine Legionary in 45 minutes or less. Find out more in this post.

Tutorial: How to paint "The Blooded" Chaos Traitor Guardsmen - featured image
40k, Tutorials

Tutorial: How to paint The Blooded Traitor Guard from Kill Team: Moroch

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to paint The Blooded, the Traitor Guard from Kill Team: Moroch (or Blackstone Fortress). The flexible paint scheme is easily adaptable to Chaos Cultists like the new Accursed Cultists that are up for preorder today, and to loyal Astra Militarum Guardsmen as well. I made use of a lot of the new Contrast and Shade paints to get a better feeling for them and sneaked in a few Scale75 Instant Colours as well, so this is gonna get interesting.

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Tutorial: How to paint Blood Angels Assault Intercessors

In this post, I’ll show you how to paint your Blood Angels Space Marines in a scheme reminiscent to their vintage orangey armoured 1980s cousins. Perfect for Horus Heresy or Primaris Blood Angels armies. In just 24 easy to follow stages, you’ll learn how I highlight red, paint neat hazard stripes and more. Find out how in this painting guide.