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Tutorial: How to paint Sisters of Battle golden skin
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Tutorial: How to paint golden skin

In the final part of our “Skin Tone Week”, I’ll show you how to create a slightly more golden skin tone with the colours included in The Army Painter’s Skin Tone paint set, and in particular, I’ll go into the specifics of painting young and female faces.

Tutorial: How to paint dark skin (Goliath Stimmer) - featured
Necromunda, Tutorials

Tutorial: How to paint dark skin

This week is “skin tones week” on Tale of Painters, where we want to celebrate different colours of skin. We start with a tutorial for dark flesh, for which I use the three still quite new Citadel Colours Knight-Questor Flesh, Bloodreaver Flesh and Catachan Flesh. There’s also a tip on how to paint muscles more easily, so check it out.