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Stahly's best Tokyo spots for Warhammer, GUNPLA & scale modelling
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ToP Tip: Tokyo’s 7 best spots for Warhammer, GUNPLA & scale modelling

When you think of Tokyo and its renowned geek districts like Akihabara and Ikebukuro, anime and video games may be the first things that come to mind. But that’s only half of the truth. I found that Tokyo is also one of the best places in the world for Warhammer, GUNPLA, and plastic model kits in general. In the following video, dive deep into the unchartered realms of otaku Tokyo, revealing my top seven hobby spots you have to visit on your next trip, plus a few more tips and shopping advice along the way.

How to paint Hivefleet Kraken Tyranids Termagants from Leviathan featured image
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Tutorial: How to paint Hivefleet Kraken Tyranids from Leviathan

Have you picked up the new Leviathan box and are still looking for a paint scheme for your Tyranids? How about my unique take on Hivefleet Kraken. In this step-by-step tutorial I’ll show you how to combine easy techniques like zenithal basecoating /slapchop, Contrast & Speedpaint and some well-placed highlights to create a real eye-catcher on the board – without having to paint yourself to death.

Contrast vs Dipping Inks vs Speedpaint comparison
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ToP Tip: Visual comparison of all 61 Contrast, 23 Xpress Colors, 89 Speedpaints & 36 Dipping Inks

In this updated post, you will find all my hand-painted and professionally photographed paint swatches for all 61 old & new Citadel Contrast paints, 24 Dipping Inks by Green Stuff World, Speedpaints 2.0 by The Army Painter, and now also all 23 Xpress Colors from Vallejo. This should make it easy to find the perfect “one coat” colour for your next project.

Alpha Legion purple daemonic flesh tutorial - featured image
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Tutorial: How to paint purple Chaos Possessed flesh

I got a lot of comments regarding the daemonic pallid flesh of my Alpha Legion Anointed, so here is a short tutorial for painting purple Chaos Possessed flesh. Perfect for Possessed, but also Daemonettes, Daemon Princes, Pink Horrors, you name it. Find out more in this post.

How to paint Cadians tutorial
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Tutorial: How to paint the new Cadian Shock Troops effectively

Stand still, Guardsman, and listen up: in this tutorial I will show you how to paint the new Cadian Shock Troops with effective and straight-forward techniques to a beautiful tabletop standard. This painting guide is also a display case for the new Two Thin Coats paints by Duncan Rhodes, but don’t worry, you can easily follow along with Citadel paints as well.