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Stahly's Paint Picks: The best warm gold & copper paints
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ToP Tip: The best gold & copper paints

Today, I have two quartets of metallic paints for you. One set consists of warm golds, perfect for Stormcast Eternals, Adeptus Custodes, or any golden details. The other set includes four reddish copper tones ranging from light to dark, perhaps an inspiration for painting the...
Best chocolate brown paints for Warhammer
Paints & tools, ToP Tips

ToP Tip: Best chocolate brown paints

In this edition of Stahly's Paint Picks, we're going chocolaty. I'll show you a colour palette of 8 paints, starting with a light latte macchiato, going through mocha, and ending with a warm, dark chocolate brown. Perfect for painting leather, dark skin, horses, and much more.