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Showcase: Kill Team: Into the Dark Gallowdark terrain #1

Cinematic shot of Hormagaunts fighting Raven Guard Phobos Infiltrators in Kill Team Space Hulk terrain

The first half of the Gallowdark terrain from my Kill Team: Into the Dark Box is complete! To celebrate this milestone, I’ve photographed all the Space Hulk corridor pieces and captured a cinematic image of a Hormagaunt attack. You can find all the pictures along with a link to my paint recipes in this post.

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Review: Kill Team: Nightmare

Kill Team: Nightmare review & unboxing

In the 2nd boxed expansion of this season of Kill Team, two dreadful factions clash amidst the chaos of Gallowdark’s collision with the forge world of Bheta-Decima. Featuring the dread-inducing Nemesis Claw of the Night Lords and the enigmatic Drukhari Mandrakes, this packed box is accompanied by an imposing Generatorum Hub terrain piece and enhanced by nine new missions and narrative twists. Find out more in our review of Kill Team: Nightmare.

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Review: Kill Team: Salvation

Kill Team: Salvation review and unboxing

With some delay, Santa Claus brings us the new Kill Team: Salvation box just in time for Christmas Eve. A water planet inhabited by the Adeptus Mechanicus sets the stage for a new season of Kill Team, and the Aeldari send Striking Scorpions to encounter newly designed Space Marine Scouts. In this review, we unbox the set and see what’s changed over previous boxes.

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