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Tutorial: How to paint the new Cadian Shock Troops effectively

How to paint Cadians tutorial

Stand still, Guardsman, and listen up: in this tutorial I will show you how to paint the new Cadian Shock Troops with effective and straight-forward techniques to a beautiful tabletop standard. This painting guide is also a display case for the new Two Thin Coats paints by Duncan Rhodes, but don’t worry, you can easily follow along with Citadel paints as well.

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Showcase: New Cadian Shock Trooper

Cinematic shot of a new plastic Cadian Shock Trooper painted by Stahly

Since Games Workshop kindly sent me the Astra Militarum army set, and at the same time my set of Two Thin Coats paints arrived, I thought to kill two birds with one stone and painted one of the new plastic Cadians to get a better feeling of Duncan Rhode’s new paint range.

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Review: Astra Militarum “Cadia Stands” army set

Astra Militarum Cadia Stands Army Set Unboxing & Review

Army sets, army sets, anyone else wants an army set? Just a week after the release of Slaves to Darkness army set, the 41st millennium is now also being graced with a new big box set, heralding the brand new Imperial Guard range. Cadia stands in our unboxing & review of the new Astra Militarum army set.

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Review: Kill Team: Shadowvaults

Kill Team: Shadowvaults Review/Unboxing

Just a few weeks after the release of Kill Team: Into the Dark, the next big box set follows with Kill Team: Shadowvaults. The brand new Cadian Kasrkin take on the Necron Hierotek Circle. In this review, we take a look at the full box contents and find out whether it’s a worthy follow-up to Into the Dark or not.

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