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Review: Warcry: Pyre and Flood

Warcry Pyre and Flood review and unboxing

In the tangled depths of the Gnarlwood, a battle of elemental forces unfolds in Warcry: Pyre & Flood. This latest expansion brings two new warbands into the fray – the Ydrilan Riverblades and the Pyregheists. As the Nighthaunt seek to engulf the verdant realm in flames, the Lumineth Realm-lords stand as its protectors. With high-resolution sprue images and an exploration of both warbands’ build options, this review dives into the heart of the conflict raging within the Ravening Ruin.

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Showcase: Warcry Hunter & Hunted Ogor Mawtribes Mawpit (inc. painting guide)

The Warcry team at Games Workshop has been crushing it with their Realm of Ghur themed terrain and models and the latest set Warcry Hunter & Hunted is no exception with an impressively large Sarlaac pit, sorry, I mean’t Mawpit included. Join me in today’s post where I share photos painting guides and take a look at the Mawpit’s Warcry rules.

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Review: Warcry: Crypt of Blood starter set

Warcry: Crypt of Blood review and unboxing

Similar to Kill Team before it, Warcry, the skirmish offshoot of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, now also receives a compact starter box. However, it’s surprising that the set doesn’t include models or terrain pieces from the original Warcry launch box. Instead, it features two recycled Warhammer: Underworlds warbands combined with a new set of graveyard scenery. In my review, I’ll explain whether Warcry: Crypt of Blood is worth it or not.

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Showcase: Warcry Stormcast Questor Soulsworn (inc. painting guide)

Unable to dispatch his armies into the thick undergrowth of the Gnarlwood, Sigmar created the Questor Soulsworn. Elite groups of powerful armour clad warriors armed with powerful and devastating weaponry such as Grandhammers. Led by a Questor Prime, the group is also joined by a Knight Relictor. Check out this post to see my painted Questor Soulsworn Warcry Warband, with some insights into how they play and a painting guide recipe card.

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