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Review: Space Marines Strike Force Agastus

Strike Force Agastus review & unboxing, featured image

Strike Forge Agastus adds two-and-a-half new units to the armoury of the Adeptus Astartes. In this review, I unbox the new Primaris Space Marines army set and take a closer look at the design of the new models, their sprues and what assembly options they have to offer.

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Showcase: Crimson Fists Primaris Captain

Cinematic shot of a converted Crimson Fists Primaris Captain

Hi Everyone, it’s Tom again – you may remember me from my recent posts about miniature Titans and a beefy Stormcast. In today’s post I’m going to talk about a converted Crimson Fist Primaris Captain, and the Secret Sanguinius model swap behind it. 

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First Look: Space Marine Armouring Ritual

Space Marine Armouring Ritual - Techpriest

I had the opportunity to get an exclusive look at the “Space Marine Armouring Ritual”. What is it exactly? On the behest of the Holy Inquisition, I’m not allowed to tell you yet, but I do have a Tale of Painters exclusive preview image for you.

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Showcase: Silver Skulls Primaris Ancient

Cinematic shot of a Silver Skulls Primaris Ancient Space Marine

Games Workshop kindly sent me the new Primaris Ancient model early and I couldn’t wait to paint it for my Silver Skulls collection. It’s a pretty cool addition to the Primaris range, with two alternate poses, two heads, and two weapon options. Find out more in this showcase post.

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