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Showcase: #marchformacragge 2nd Edition 40k starter set Ultramarine (incl. paint recipes)

Ultramarine Space Marine from the Warhammer 40.000 2nd Edition starter set

Today I present my entry for this years March for Macragge hobby event, a “statue” Marine model from the 2nd Edition Starter Set of Warhammer 40.000, painted to emulate the ‘Eavy Metal style back then. It’s actually the first model I painted when I started the hobby over 20 years ago! Check out more pictures on a glorious light blue gradient in this post.

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Showcase: Ultramarines Classic Techmarine

I can’t help it, but I still like painting classic Space Marines. I didn’t own a solo Techmarine yet, and when I saw it on ebay I just couldn’t pass it up. I really enjoy this Jes Goodwin sculpt that came in a Company Command…

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WIP: Classic Ultramarines Techmarine

You say new Primaris Techmarine, I say… why not paint this classic metal Techmarine instead. This classic Jes Goodwin sculpt was released in a Company Command Squad box set just one month before Warhammer 40.000 3rd Edition arrived. I always liked this model and, as…

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