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Showcase: Legions Imperialis Iron Warriors Rhino Transport Detachment (inc. painting guide)

The Rhino transport is one of the most recognisable vehicles in both Warhammer Horus Heresy and Warhammer 40,000 and now they’re driving straight into Legions Imperialis. You get 10 in a box and today I’m sharing the first 5 I’ve painted. Stay around until the end where I’ll share my 1000pt Iron Warriors force in all its glory.

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Showcase: Legions Imperialis Iron Warriors (inc. painting guides)

On today’s blog post I share my tiny tanks and troops. The new Legions Imperialis box set features Legiones Astartes (Space Marines) and Solar Auxilia (Imperial Guard equivalent). This game is set during the Horus Heresy so because it’s one big civil war the forces are all the same on both sides. So you can take this box and make one big army or a Legiones Astartes army vs Solar Auxilia or even two armies with a mix of both factions. For me, I wanted an Iron Warriors force.

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Review: Legions Imperialis (boxed set)

Legions Imperialis unboxing & review

It’s war on an epic new scale – literally. Legions Imperialis takes the Titans and aircraft from Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis and adds infantry and tanks to the mix. In this review, we unbox the Legions Imperialis launch box, take a closer look at the sprues and rules, and address the question of the new Epic scale once and for all.

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