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Review: Plastic Cerastus Knight Lancer

Horus Heresy Cerastus Knight Lancher review and unboxing

People may be waiting for more infantry, but first, the Horus Heresy setting is gifted with another colossal plastic kit: the Cerastus Knight Lancer (also playable in Warhammer 40,000). In our review, we take a closer look at the largest Imperial Knight to date.

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Horus Heresy, Reviews

Review: Horus Ascended

Horus Ascended Review & unboxing

Here on Tale of Painters, we celebrate the ascension of Horus with a review of the new Primarch model from Forge World. Horus Ascended marks the beginning of a new generation of sculpts that will capture the Primarchs in the later eras of heresy. In this unboxing, we find out whether Horus has been given a successful new update.

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