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Scale comparison: New Space Marine Scouts

Primaris Space Marines Scouts scale comparison

The new Space Marine Scouts from Kill Team: Salvation are now available in a box of their own. In this post, I’ll take a closer look at the new models and compare the scale with a variety of old and new Space Marine sculpts, including previous Scout models from every generation. At the end, I ask the all-important question: scale creep or no scale creep.

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Review: Warpaints Fanatic by The Army Painter – best paints in the world?

The Army Painter Warpaints Fanatic review mixed assortment of paints

This is an honest and unbiased review of the new Warpaints Fanatic. If there is one thing that The Army Painter is good at, then it’s generating buzz on social media. However, I found that their quality control can be hit or miss. Over the last couple of years, I tested all major miniature paint ranges, so I have a really good idea of what acrylic paint can do these days. I tried all 216 colours of the new range, and I’ll tell you if The Army Painter can live up to their promises.

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Review: Kill Team: Salvation

Kill Team: Salvation review and unboxing

With some delay, Santa Claus brings us the new Kill Team: Salvation box just in time for Christmas Eve. A water planet inhabited by the Adeptus Mechanicus sets the stage for a new season of Kill Team, and the Aeldari send Striking Scorpions to encounter newly designed Space Marine Scouts. In this review, we unbox the set and see what’s changed over previous boxes.

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