Review: Citadel Colour Sub-Assembly Holder

Citadel Colour Sub-Assembly Holder box

Sometimes Games Workshop releases something you didn’t know you needed until you saw it. Ok, you could actually say that about every new miniature, but I’m talking about the new Citadel Colour Sub-Assembly Holder here. In this review we’ll find out if they’re an indispensable aid to your hobby, a waste of money, or something in between.

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Review: Warcry: Red Harvest (Unboxing & Models)

Warcry: Red Harvest box unboxed

Only one week after the unveiling on Warhammer Day now follows the pre-order of Red Harvest, the new Warcry starter box with two brand new warbands, brand new terrain, and a new campaign book that includes the core rules as well. Games Workshop has kindly sent over this set for us to unbox so we can share our first impressions and show you the exact contents and sprues.

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Review: Skin Tones Paint Set by The Army Painter

Review: The Army Painter Skin Tones paint set

Do you want to paint more diverse skin tones, but don’t know where to start? Then the new Skin Tones Paint Set from The Army Painter might be just what you need. 9 new shades, 3 new washes, and 3 new pigment toners cover all skin tones from light to dark. The selection of colours was developed together with actual people of colour. In this review, we take a look at whether the set delivers what it promises.

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