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Review: Kill Team: Into the Dark – Part 1: Terrain & rules

Kill Team: Into the Dark box

Kill Team: Into the Dark is probably the most exciting Kill Team box since Kill Team: Octarius – two all-new Kill Teams, all-new modular Space Hulk terrain, and expanded close confines rules. In Part 1 of our two-part review, we take a look at the new book and Gallowdark scenery, and find out whether it is compatible with existing terrain pieces and the Zone Mortalis system.

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Tutorial: How to Paint Tau / T’au sept Fire Warriors

This is a tutorial explaining how to paint the classic Tau/T’au Sept scheme using the latest Games Workshop paints. The model above was painted in 18 steps. I break each step down with a high-resolution picture and detailed instructions. Read the full tutorial after the jump. I’ve…

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