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Review: Kroot Hunting Pack (new T’au Empire army set)

T'au / Tau Empire Kroot Hunting Pack army set review & unboxing

Welcome to our review of the latest addition to the T’au Empire’s arsenal – the Kroot Hunting Pack army set. 26 brand new models and an updated Codex await. From seasoned leaders to savage warriors, and even the fearsome Krootox Rampagers, the Kroot are poised to carve their place in the annals of T’au history once more. So, grab your pulse rifles and sharpen your blades, for the hunt is on!

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Review: Kill Team: Into the Dark – Part 1: Terrain & rules

Kill Team: Into the Dark box

Kill Team: Into the Dark is probably the most exciting Kill Team box since Kill Team: Octarius – two all-new Kill Teams, all-new modular Space Hulk terrain, and expanded close confines rules. In Part 1 of our two-part review, we take a look at the new book and Gallowdark scenery, and find out whether it is compatible with existing terrain pieces and the Zone Mortalis system.

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Showcase: T’au Ethereal

like he’s trying to adjust an aerial for his television. He doesn’t look like he’s carrying any offensive weaponry (unless you count the gun show he’s displaying in his sleeveless armour).

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