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Showcase: Kill Team: Into the Dark Gallowdark terrain #1

Cinematic shot of Hormagaunts fighting Raven Guard Phobos Infiltrators in Kill Team Space Hulk terrain

The first half of the Gallowdark terrain from my Kill Team: Into the Dark Box is complete! To celebrate this milestone, I’ve photographed all the Space Hulk corridor pieces and captured a cinematic image of a Hormagaunt attack. You can find all the pictures along with a link to my paint recipes in this post.

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40k, Kill Team

Showcase: Killzone Moroch Sector Fronteris board

Cinematic shot of a Raven Guard Phobos Kill Team on Killzone Moroch terrain

Today I can finally present you my Sector Fronteris gaming board from Kill Team: Moroch. This black-and-white collection of terrain features all of the pieces from the Moroch board, plus a few other things as well. Check out more pictures and learn how I painted this scenery collection in this showcase post.

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