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Scale Comparison: MkVI Horus Heresy Space Marine Legionaries

Horus Heresy MkVI Space Marines Scale Comparison featured image

The new Horus Heresy launch box features 40 fantastic MkVI Space Marine models that have been completely redesigned. Many have wondered if the proportions of the models have been adjusted and how the models look in relation to Primaris Space Marines. In this post, you will find the ultimate scale comparison with all armour patterns as well as Imperial Guard, Chaos Space Marines, and more.

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ToP Tips

Stahly’s best matt varnishes for painting miniatures (spray & brush-on)

Best matt varnishes for painting miniatures - Stahly approved

The search for the perfect matt varnish can be like the search for the holy grail. Protecting your miniatures is a must, but too many models have been ruined thanks to a bad can of varnish. Many matt varnishes also tend to have a slight satin sheen even though the product says matt finish. Finding the best matt varnishes for painting miniatures is difficult, but not impossible. I’m here to help. 

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