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Tutorial: How to paint Dark Angels power armour

How to paint Dark Angels power armour tutorial

The perfect shade for Dark Angels power armour is not easy to find. Too dark and it will lack contrast, too light or too green and it will look more like Salamanders. In this tutorial I show you the recipe I came up with and what in my opinion is the perfect colour to highlight Dark Angels armour.

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Showcase: Necron Skorpekh Destroyers

My Necron army is growing with a second unit of Skorpekh Destroyers in today’s post. These newly painted ones arrived with issue 4 of Imperium Part Works Magazine. Originally I wasn’t going to paint them because: 1, I already have painted them and 2, I have so many other things to paint. In the end though, I thought let’s do it, why not. More scary tripod robots is a good thing.

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