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I’m very happy to share with you guys my Army of the Month appearance! In August’s Warhammer Visions my entire Tyranid collection is shown in all it’s gribble glory spread across 22 pages! After the jump I want to a share a couple of pictures and give you the lowdown on how this all came about.

Regular readers will remember me frantically repainting my Tyranids at the beginning of the year. If you missed it you can click here to see all the posts. 

So how did I manage to get my models into the magazine? Well, it’s not my first time. I’m a regular contributor. The number of issues I’ve been featured in is in the double figures now and this is actually my third Army of the Month feature (Ultramarines and my Hobbit collection were previous). 

My contributions all started by simply emailing the White Dwarf team at when they requested images for the their daily blog. When new White Dwarf was launched they extended the invite for people to email in contributions. I’ve actually built up a strong relationship with the magazine by being reliable, prompt, dependable and most importantly sending them the highest quality photographs I can produce. The people at White Dwarf are highly approachable. They’re always at every Warhammer World open day and they had a stand at Warhammer Fest. I always make a point of saying hello and chatting about latest projects. It was specifically this which led to my Tyranid feature. As they remembered me mentioning my Tyranids and contacted me to see more. 

I mentioned earlier about sending them the best photos I possibly can. I pride myself on my photography. I love photography so much and I’ve written a series of articles to help others take better photos of their models whether it’s on a DSLR or a Smartphone. You can read about them here. 

As if the 22 pages of Tyranids weren’t cool enough. My Centurions made it into the Golden Demon section. I’m proud of my Centurions as I received a finalist pin for this squad. They’re been featured in White Dwarf Weekly (as an example of good photography) and a previous issue of Warhammer Visions’ Readers Parade Ground. They must really like my Centurions. 

If you would like to see more of my Tyranid army you can buy Warhammer Visions from most newsagents, your local Games Workshop or Independent Hobby Retailer, the Games Workshop website or you can buy an interactive edition on Apple’s iBooks.

To sign off, here’s a testimonial from one of my favourite painters and good friend.

“Your Nids are a great sight, enjoyed the feature a lot. Worth the issue just for them” – Stahly.

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