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Versus: Terminators or Gravis Armour?

Clad in the heaviest armour, armed with oversized weaponry and striding through all enemy small arms fire like it wasn’t there are the elite fighters of the Space Marine Chapters the Veterans of the 1st Company, the Terminators and Mars’ newest progeny the Primaris wearing Graves armour. But which one is best? We take a look at these units in today’s blog post.

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Showcase: Flesh-eater Courts Jerrion’s Delegation (inc. paint recipes)

Jerrion sallies forth from the citadel with a contingent of virtuous knights and devoted serfs to bring his King’s message to all the lands. The new Dawnbringer box sets hit store shelves this weekend and I was lucky enough to get them early. Having recently painted the Royal Beastflayers, I thought I’d continue on my quest to amass a Flesh-eater Courts army worthy of marching under their Lord’s royal banner and chose to paint up the entire Jerrion’s Delegation boxed set.