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ComradeQuiche here with an update to my recently finished “Custodes” themed Knight Titan.

This one was very fun to convert, and paint, as I do not have much experience with painting this much gold!

1) The main gold body was painted by using GW’s Retributor Armor, from a spray can.

2) Next, I washed the entire thing with Reikland Fleshshade

3) I painted into the cracks and crevices with Agrax Earthshade

4) Then I dry brushed Stormhost Silver to catch all the edges

Priming and base coating from a can saved me a TON of time. This paint job, in general, is very conducive to speed painting. I was able to paint this model in two days!

I wanted to give the face mask a more templar and knightly look, which is why I chose to design a head with a more angled front. Then I added in the vent holes on either side. I added lenses to the mask, instead of having see-through holes, and I wanted to make the eyes really pop out.

I wanted to have a different look for the shoulder pads, so went with a much more rounded look, without any edge trim.

I knew right from the beginning that I HAD to include scything eagle talons, I based the overall dimensions off the original fingers, but made them look more like curving sharpened talons for swiping, rather than for gripping things.

To go along with the Knightly theme, I created toe covers for the front of the set based on heavy knights armour of old. I also made the crotch plate, hip guards, and the flared out knee protectors as well.

All in all, a very fun model to create parts for, and a blast to paint!