One of the most popular models of the new edition of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy was without a doubt the Kratos Heavy Assault Tank. This massive behemoth of a tank closes the gap between the Sicaran Battle Tank and the Fellblade, and the kit is a real treat for any treadhead. I couldn’t imagine a better model to kick off my Sons of Horus collection, so enjoy a few pictures of my very own Kratos in this post.

Cinematic shot of a Sons of Horus Kratos Heavy Assault Tank painted by Stahly

First, a big thank you to Games Workshop, which invited me not only to the Horus Heresy Open Day (check my video report here), but also provided me with this fantastic model free of charge. After I reviewed the model in June, I wasted no time assembling and painting it, and finished the model for the #WarhammerPaintathon event in July.

Angled shot of a Sons of Horus Kratos Heavy Assault Tank painted by Stahly

As you can see, I went with an all-corners loadout of Kratos battlecannon and heavy bolters and volkite culverins for secondary weapons. As I pointed out in my Kratos model review, you can keep most of the weapons modular without the need for magnetizing. I was also impressed with the engineering of this kit, as the fit is amazing and most seams are carefully hidden.

Top shot of a Sons of Horus Kratos Heavy Assault Tank painted by Stahly

Painting the Kratos Heavy Assault Tank

Regular readers might notice that the Kratos is only the second model in my Sons of Horus collection. I thought why not start big while the motivation is still high. For the painting, I followed my Sons of Horus Legionary tutorial to the letter, because the techniques shown in the tutorial can be scaled up perfectly to larger models. I just went a bit wild with the weathering pigments.

You can find my Sons of Horus tutorial here on Tale of Painters:

All in all, the Kratos was a fantastic modelling project and I’m pleased every time it smiles at me from my display case.

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High angle shot of a Sons of Horus Kratos Heavy Assault Tank painted by Stahly

The model inspired me so much that I first wanted to collect a fully mechanised Sons of Horus army. But now that I’ve started reading the Horus Heresy novels, and the characterisation of the Emperor’s Children spoke so much to me, I’ve got an allied force of Sons of Horus and Emperor’s Children in mind, probably with some of the fantastic new dreadnought kits.

Side angle of a Sons of Horus Kratos Heavy Assault Tank painted by Stahly, shot in a cinematic and moody way

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