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Today we take a look at a couple of useful painting accessoires by The Army Painter: A pack of six empty dropper bottles for storing your paint mixes and a set of stainless steel balls for better paint stirring. Find out more after the jump.

Paint Mixing Empty Bottles

This set comes with six empty 12 ml dropper bottles. RRP is 4.99 €/£4.00. 12 ml is smaller than the 18 ml bottles of most other miniature paint lines, but plenty enough for your custom paint mixes. 12 ml matches also the contents of Games Workshop paint pots, so if you really can’t stand their pots, these bottles have the perfect size for transfering your paint.

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Empty bottles are available from Vallejo and other suppliers, but they don’t come with such convenient and stylish labels. Thanks to a cutout you can check the hue of the paint inside, and there is also enough empty space to write down your mix. No need to buy separate labels (which often come in packs of 50 or 100 pieces when you only need a handful).

All in all, these stylish dropper bottles get a thumbs up for me.

Mixing Balls

Many hobby paints tend to separate over time – heavy pigments sink to the bottom and the lighter acrylic resin ascends to the top. The effect is most commonly seen on Vallejo paints or The Army Painter’s own Warpaints, but also on metallic paints by Games Workshop. Sometimes it can be really hard to restore those paints to their optimal consistency, and this is where these mixing balls come in.

The Army Painter’s Mixing Balls set contains 100 high grade stainless steel balls with a diameter of 5.5 mm, perfect for both dropper bottles and paint pots. Unlike low-quality cheap agitator balls you might find on ebay or Amazon, they won’t rust or stain your paint (happened to me once, it’s not very nice when you have a rusting metal ball inside your paint).

Just put a single steel ball in your paints and give them a good shake, the ball will improve the blending of acrylic resin and pigment a lot. They also help a lot to properly blend paints when creating a mix in an empty bottle. Priced at an RRP of 5.99 €/£5.99, this set is an essential accessoire for any hobbyist.

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