Necromunda Hive Secundus unboxing and review
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Review: Necromunda Hive Secundus

Arm yourself with the finest weaponry, ensure your lumens are fully charged, and enlist the most fearsome Spyre Hunter you can find as you prepare to delve into the terrifying depths of the Underhells. Join me as I review Necromunda: Hive Secundus, exploring the contents...
Top 10 Pro Acryl paints featuring Rogue Hobbies and Matt Cexwish
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ToP Tip: Top 10 Pro Acryl paints

I tested all 126 colours in the Pro Acryl range, including the brand-new Signature Series sets from Flameon Miniatures and Louise from Rogue Hobbies. In this video, I reveal what I think are the must-haves and explain why Bold Titanium White didn't make the cut....
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Skaventide launch box models unboxing and review
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Review: Skaventide Part 1 – The Models

Skaventide is finally here, heralding the looming Vermindoom that will shape the narrative of the 4th Edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. In this review, we're unboxing what might be the "most complete" launch box of all time and taking a closer look at the...
Horus Ascended painted by Stahly, WIP shot #1
Horus Heresy

WIP: Horus Ascended #1

Do you remember when I reviewed Horus Ascended and boldly promised to keep you updated on the painting progress? Well, it took a bit longer than expected, but I finally got started on this magnificent model. Here’s my current progress.
Review of Green Stuff World Opaque Colors on a green background
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Review: Green Stuff World Opaque Colors

Do you remember the Foundation paints from Citadel in the 2000s or the Heavy Opaque paints from Vallejo? Here comes Green Stuff World's answer: 24 new Opaque Colors with extra high coverage. In this review, I answer the question of whether the Opaque Colors reinvent...