Cinematic shot of three Soulblight Gravelords Fell Bats in front of a purple sky with lightning
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Showcase: Soulblight Gravelords Fell Bats (inc. painting guide)

When I wrote my recap of last year, I realized I haven’t painted anything for my Soulblight Gravelords and Nighthaunt collection in ages. I had a box of the new plastic Fell Bats sitting on my shelf for ages, so I thought I would give them a go. I got a Vargskyr from Cursed City, which I also want to paint at some point, so these Fell Bats are kind of test models for the scheme I planned for it.

Photo of the Speedpaint Mega Set 2.0

Review: The Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 – finally fixed?

Speedpaints are loved by some for their unique blending properties. Others hate that the paints reactivate and bleed through subsequent layers of paint. The Army Painter were faced with the difficult task of satisfying both camps and sought the help of three of YouTube’s most popular hobby channels. Is the new 2.0 formula a solid improvement or the worst of both worlds? And are the metallic Speedpaints as underwhelming as some of the promo shots make them to be? I’ll find out in this hands-on Speedpaint 2.0 review.

Wrath of the Soul Forge King Unboxing & Review
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Review: Wrath of the Soul Forge King

In the third chapter in the Arks of Omen saga, Vashtorr the Arkifane lays siege to the Rock. To follow along the narrative, Games Workshop is releasing a new Battlebox that includes Vashtorr and a brand new miniature for Supreme Master Azrael of the Dark Angels. In this review, we unbox Wrath of the Soul Forge King and take a closer look at the two new models.

Cinematic shot of an Alpha Legion Anointed from Kill Team Nachmund, painted by Stahly.
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Showcase: Alpha Legion Anointed

I haven’t posted a model in quite a while, but be assured, I haven’t been idle. Here is another model from my slow-growing Alpha Legion Chaos Legionary Kill Team from Kill Team: Nachmund, the half-possessed Anointed. Find out more in this post.

Stahly's best nippers & sprue cutters for Warhammer miniatures & scale modelling
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Stahly’s best nippers & sprue cutters for Warhammer & scale modelling

Are you one of those who have been using the same old sprue cutter for years? Maybe a starter set Citadel cutter, a cheap pair of The Army Painter nippers or a no-name product from the hardware store? I plead guilty. When I finally invested in a higher-quality sprue cutter the difference was like night and day. In this post, I share my best nippers & sprue cutters that I have tested over the past few years.

Strike Force Agastus review & unboxing, featured image
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Review: Space Marines Strike Force Agastus

Strike Forge Agastus adds two-and-a-half new units to the armoury of the Adeptus Astartes. In this review, I unbox the new Primaris Space Marines army set and take a closer look at the design of the new models, their sprues and what assembly options they have to offer.