Horus Heresy, Showcase

Showcase: Emperor’s Children MkVI Legionary

Cinematic shot of an Emperor's Children Age of Darkness MkVI Space Marine Legionary

After reading the initial four Horus Heresy novels I grew quite fond of the Emperor’s Children. I really like their characterisation, their underlying perfectionism, and their complex characters like Saul Tarvitz and Eidolon. Inspired by the novels, I decided that I want to paint a few Emperor’s Children to compliment my Sons of Horus. Here is the first test model.

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40k, Reviews

Review: Leagues of Votann Army Set

Leagues of Votann army set unboxing

In today’s review, we take a look at the contents of the brand new Leagues of Votann army set, especially the miniatures and all the build and weapon options. Long announced and often teased, the Kin are the spiritual successors to the Squats, and represent a never seen before Warhammer 40,000 faction. Therefore, we are very excited to see what we find in this box.

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