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What’s the longest amount time you’ve spent on just a single army? Since January, I’ve only painted units for my Slaves to Darkness army and it’s starting to pay off. I recently finished a batch paint of five Chaos Marauders More pics and thoughts after the jump.

The five models above were my third batch paint. My first batch paint was two models, then I painted three models and finally painting the last five as a large batch. Overall it took four weeks of painting to finish all ten models. 

I’m really happy with how my Marauders turned out. I’m pleased with the different shades of horse pelts. Overall they look like a consistent unit and fit in with the rest of my Slaves to Darkness army. 

If you’d like to know how I painted the armour and weapons check out this link.   How I paint the skin, bone and cloth goods can be found in this link

The recipes for the horses are as follows:

Black Horse

Eshin Grey base colour. Wash all over with Black Templar contrast thinned with Lahmian Medium. Reapply Eshin Grey leaving some shading. Drybrush lightly with Mechanicus Standard Grey. Highlight the mane and tail With Dawnstone

Grey Horse

Mechanicus Standard Grey base colour. Wash all over with Basilicanum Grey contrast thinned with Lahmian Medium. Reapply Mechanicus Standard Grey and highlight with a light drybrush Dawnstone. Highlight the mane and tail With Administratum Grey

Brown Horse

Mournfang Brown base colour. Wash all over with Snakebite Leather contrast thinned with Lahmian Medium. Highlight with a light drybrush of XV88. Highlight the mane and tail with Baneblade Brown.

Had a lovely surprise yesterday! Are you all tuning into Warhammer Live on Twitch regularly? One of their shows is a Hobby Round Up, where they scour social media for any pictures using the hashtag #WarhammerCommunity. They spotted my scenic shot and shared it on their stream. All their shows are great and full of inspirational hobby. Worth checking out. Oh, and you can follow me on twitter and instagram where I share my pictures.

So what’s left of this project? Well, on my painting desk at the moment is a chariot, so I’ll be sharing that next. After that I have 10 Chaos Knights to paint. I think the Marauders took a long time then I best prepare myself for a long one with this Knights. They’re bigger with loads more detail. One thing is for sure though, they’re going to look so cool.

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