The Hunters of Huanchi have arrived on the blog and today I’ll talk about these Seraphon Skinks and their Warcry tactics. I’ll also share my tutorial guides for painting Chameleon Skinks and their Terrawing allies.

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Believe it or not, there are actually Chameleon Skinks in this picture. They’ve using their uncanny gift from Huanchi, the Unseen Hunter – One of the Mystical Old Ones, to blend into their surroundings and disappear. Armed with dart pipes and moonstone clubs these sly fighters attack before slinking back into the shadows.

This warband is large with 13 members. The most expensive models are only 90pts (Skink Alphas and Terrawings) with the rest of the warband being either 70 or 75pts each. They’re also really fragile with a toughness characteristic of only 2 (3 if you have a shield or are a Terrawing). Their attacks are weak and low in number per fighter, this is rectified by having double the number of fighters of a more traditional warband. You can also spend a Double and play the Ability Envenomed Weapons to give a fighter +1 Damage.

So what are the strengths of the Hunters of Huanchi? I’d definitely numbers and speed. The Skinks have a move characteristic of 6″ and the Terrawings have a 10″ Fly move. The Skinks also have a Double ability called Agile Climbers that allows you to ignore vertical distance so you can just move that fighter next to a terrain piece and then place them at the top. Making it very hard for enemys who can’t fly to get you. Claiming unoccupied objectives will be easy. it’s holding them that will be tricky.

If you’re running around trying to keep your distance from a blood thirsty melee specialist enemy, then how do you beat them? Well first if you are taking damage in combat you can use your reaction Slippery and make a disengage action. This might stop an enemy from being able to use their second action to hit you again. You can then hit them back with Dart pipes.

How to Paint Seraphon Chameleon Skinks

One way to defeat the enemy is to take away their ability to fight. Hurled Bolas ability for a triple can reduce actions of enemy fighters. Bellow of the Carnosaur can make an enemy -1 to hit and -1 damage but it will cost you a triple. Call of the Hunt is a great triple, your Horn Blower can send a nearby Skink into combat and he automatically does the damage of the value of the ability, so triple 6 is 6 damage! Without having even activated the Skink. So you can either disengage or use your Slippery reaction to get out of there.The Hunters of Huanchi have a Quad ability, it’s simply called Hit and Run and only works on the Skinks. It’s a bonus move or disengage action and then a bonus attack or move action. It sounds incredible, but remember all the skinks are really poor fighters so you’ll be lucky to do any real damage. Could be useful if you need to get someone across the board instantly though.

How to Paint Seraphon Terrawings

As you can see from above, here are my recipes cards for the Hunters of Huanchi Chameleon Skinks and Terrawings. I hope you find these useful when you work on your own Seraphon models.

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