It’s ToP Tip time. Today I’ll share three options for remembering your paint recipes. No more picking up an old project and trying to remember which paints you used. Find out more after the jump.

1. Take Photos
The quickest and easiest way I’ve found is to line up the paints you use and take a photo with your smart phone and save it in an album. You can take this one step further and write over the picture using the mark up tools. If you’re a visual person this is a useful method. You could end up scrolling through hundreds of pictures to find what you need though.

2. Use the Cloud
Using the Notes app on your smart devices you can type up paint recipes and save them in the cloud to give you access to them across several devices. It’s handy to search the notes for paint names or model names to access your information quickly especially if you end up with hundreds of recipes. It’s also easy to share the recipes via messages or social media.

3. Pencil and Paper
Old faithful. Hand writing your paint recipes out into a dedicated notebook has a really nice tangible feeling. You can also paint splodges next to your hand writing for added visual cues.  The downside to this approach is you can’t easily back it up or make a copy.

Hope you found my advice on logging your recipes helpful for your own painting. Maybe you have your own way of saving your recipes? I’d love to hear them in the comments or tell us in the comments and if you have any ideas or questions for future ToP tips, submit them below.


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