If you own a Paints + Tools set, or you subscribed to one of Hatchette Partworks’ Warhammer magazines, you may own a small piece of metal called a Mouldline Remover (also known as a Seam Stripper). This child friendly tool helps remove unsightly excess plastic from your models where the two halves of plastic injection mould meet.

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Games Workshop are a plastic injection mould company. It’s what they specialise in, but they don’t want to make a cheap handle to make the Mouldline Scraper useable. Maybe without a handle it bypasses a law on bladed implements perhaps, or maybe they just want you to buy their Citadel Tools Moldline Remover for £15 which does have a plastic handle.

The solution – Garfy’s Get a Handle

Well fear not, I created a handle in CAD and I’m sharing the 3D print file with everyone for free. You will need access to a 3D printer, an M3 nut and M3x10 bolt (and the Allen key to tighten the bolt), alternatively you could just super glue the Mouldline Scraper into the handle.

This 3D print file is completely free to download and is easy to print with no printed supports required. The file includes 2 flat discs either end of the model to help with bed adhesion, without them I found the print would warp and peel up at the corners. They’re easy to remove once the print has been removed from the print bed, just snip them off with model clippers, or cut off with a craft knife.

Free download

You can download your Mouldline Scraper Handle using the link here: https://www.printables.com/model/529517-mouldline-scraper-handle-for-gw-stubby-metal-mould

Garfy's Get a Grip - now available on ebay