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By now, there are quite a few painting handles out there, and here comes another Kickstarter success from Redgrass Games, the RGG360° Ergonomic Miniature Holder. A pistol grip style painting handle with a cap that rotates. A while ago Redgrass Games released V2 of the RGG360°, with new features like swappable caps and a magnetic dock. Let’s
take a closer look at the upgraded version.

This item was kindly provided by Redgrass Games. Opinions are our own.

The RGG360° Ergonomic Miniature Holder V2 comes with the grip, a detachable cap, 15g of orange putty to mount your miniatures, and a magnetic sticker you can stick to your desk. An expansion pack of two additional caps and 15g of putty is available, too.


The dark blue pistol-like grip has a length of about 84 mm (incl. cap) and is made from sturdy, high-quality ABS plastic with a metal connector piece to attach the caps. With a weight of 47 g (incl. cap), it has a certain heft to it, but it won’t strain your hand.

The idea is to mount your miniature on the cap with the included orange putty, then attach the cap to the holder. When painting, the grip will rest in your palm and with your thumb and index finger, you can rotate the cap to access your miniature as necessary. The cap will stay locked in place until you rotate it again. This works actually pretty nicely, the cap moves smoothly and doesn’t feel lose. The grip is a good size for my small hands, though if you have larger hands you won’t be able to rest your pinkie on the grip and need to move it underneath the bottom of the grip. You can easily switch between caps when you bought some extra ones, so you can work in batches and switch between multiple models. Very economic, as you don’t need to buy multiple grips like you need to do with GW’s rather basic painting handles. Time will tell if the caps will wear out when you switch between multiple caps a lot.

Redgrass Games recommends the grip for models up to 50mm bases. Using putty to attach models means the grip works universally with every base shape, be it round, square, or oval. Above you can see my Banshees with the new 28 mm base size. However, I found you really need to make sure that your models are properly attached and you might want to change the putty every now and then to retain its stickiness. On my first couple of tries, some models came off after a while because I didn’t press the bases properly into the putty. Once I got the hang of it, it wasn’t really an issue anymore, but still, you have to be aware of that. Handles like Garfy’s Get a Grip or the Citadel painting handle use a spring-loaded grip mechanism which is less flexible but more securely in my opinion.

The bottom of the RGG360° is magnetic, and Redgrass Games included a “dock”, a magnetic sticker you can attach to your desk. The bottom of the grip jas a hidden magnet, this way you won’t accidentally knock over the grip when you place it on the dock, which is a nifty idea.

The shape and design of a painting handle are highly subjective and a lot is up to your personal preference. Personally, I would have loved to have a finger rest for my index finger that extrudes over the model’s head like on Garfy’s Get a
Grip. When I’m painting without a handle, I usually use my thumb and index finger to pinch the model from base to head, and I’m really missing a way mimick this so with the RGG360° without actually touching the model. So a cap with a finger rest is something I’d definitely would want to see from Redgrass Games when they expand the range. Your painting habits might be completely different, and if the design of the RGG360° appeals to you should definitely give it a try.


The RGG360° has an RRP of 13,50 Euro / £ 12, the expansion pack with two caps and 15g of putty is 5,90 Euro / £ 5. It’s more expensive than the new Citadel painting handle, as well as Garfy’s Get a Grip, but then once you bought the grip you only need to buy more caps when you want to expand your collection. And, as usual for Redgrass Games, you get a quality product. The painting holders are available from or at our partner stores Wayland Games and Element Games at a 10% discount.



Final Verdict

The RGG360° is a well-made painting handle with an ergonomic grip and some clever features. Is it the best handle out there? That's up for you to decide. When using a miniature holder it all comes down to personal preference, so it's fantastic to have one more option available.