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Review: Seraphon Army Set

Seraphon army set review featured image

It gets scaly in today’s cold-blooded Seraphon army set review. 21 brand new models and a new Battletome await us, and in this unboxing we take a look at the new Slann Starmaster, the new Saurus Warriors and the Raptadon cavalry in particular.

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Showcase: Seraphon Monsters

​Hey everyone, this is the penultimate post in the series of my Seraphon showcase! In this post there are a lot of big dinosaurs, six in fact, click to view them all after the jump! This is part 7 of my showcase series of my…

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Chat: Warhammer Collections Special Exibition

Between February 13th and April 27th, Warhammer World are showcasing miniature collections from several painters, two of which are myself and Amy. Amy has her Seraphon on display and I have both my Ultramarines and Tyranids. After the jump you can see a few images…

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