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Showcase: Silver Skulls Primaris Captain from Indomitus

Hi all! While painting the Catachan Allstars Kill Team I managed to finish this Captain from the Indomitus box set, painted for the Silver Skulls chapter. Loads of details on this one, but the lockdown gives me more time to paint 😉 So what are…

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Showcase: Catachan Jungle Fighters Sly Marbo

Hi, all! Next on my list was the “One Man Army” Sly Marbo of the Catachan Jungle Fighters. Although a Finecast model it came out very nicely, both building- and painting-wise. So next on the painting desk for my Allstar Killteam will be Sergeant Harker…

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Showcase: Silver Skulls Primaris Captain in Phobos Armour

Hi all! I finished this Primaris Captain in Phobos Armour for the Silver Skulls Space Marines chapter. Although it is a simple colour scheme, the painting process was time-consuming because of the neverending details. I used a head from Reaver Marine to match the Silver…

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Showcase: Ultramarines Lieutenant Calsius

Hi all! Today I present my finished Lieutenant Calsius from the Warhammer 40.000 Conquest magazine series. Very nice model and fun to paint. Tried to add some OSL coming from his “burning” power sword. Hope you like it. As always leave a reaction or comment…

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Showcase: Necron Overlord from Indomitus

Hi, all! I’m hopping on the Indomitus bandwagon and painted the Necron Overlord. He will be the only Necron because it’s the only model I got ;). I do have some other characters from the Indomitus box set, like the Space Marine Captain and Chaplain….

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Showcase: Emperor’s Children Fabius Bile

Hi all! Banzai here with a showcase of the new Fabius Bile model which I finished this week. Really nice model, decent size and a pleasure to paint. A recommendation for all Chaos lovers… if you are pledged to the Emperor’s Children or maybe are…


WIP: Space Wolves Logan Grimnar

Hi all! A quick look at my current painting project: Logan Grimnar, Great Wolf of the Space Wolves. Although it’s an older model, I have a lot of fun painting him. I will keep him as a single model without his Stormrider vehicle and his…

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Showcase: Space Wolves Lord Krom

Hi, all! Here a quick look at Space Wolves Lord Krom I finished recently. I found him in the grimdark of a locker and was inspired to paint him after reading White Dwarf issue 452 I guess. Also, I got out the older “Companies of…