Do you have limited hobby space and appreciate modular storage solutions with a clever design that pack away neatly? Then the KRYDRUFI All-in-one modular art box might be just what you’re looking for, combining water containers, brush holders, and a wet palette. This Kickstarter-funded product is now freely available, and in this review, we’ll take a closer look at it.

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KRYDRUFI modular art box review & unboxing
This item was kindly provided by KRYDRUFI. Thoughts and opinions are our own.

Upon receiving the KRYDRUFI box, I was immediately impressed by its sleek and compact design. The light blue/black and sand/olive green colour scheme may not be to everyone’s taste, I would have preferred an all-black option. The box features a sturdy construction of durable plastic, giving it a quality feel. The modular compartments and trays seemed well-thought-out and versatile, clipping together with a sturdy but slightly fiddly clamp system.

The following video gives you an overview of the modules you can use to configure your box:

Let’s take a closer look at the individual components.

The water bucket module

The water bucket module consists of a box with two removable water cups, for example, one for regular paints and one for metallic colours. The plastic could be a little thicker here, as the containers are not completely torsion-resistant, but they do their job. Each cup comes with a silicone insert to help you clean brushes. You also get two inner and two outer brush holders, also made of silicone, which you can clip onto either side.

The brush holders hold smaller brushes very well, with brushes with thicker handles like The Army Painter brushes or the Techlon Tiger drybrushes shown in the photo below (review here), however, the holders reach their limits. Make sure you clean the silicone inserts thoroughly every time you change the water, otherwise, pigment deposits will form and you will achieve the opposite effect. You should only use the inserts to clean larger or durable brushes; finer Kolinsky sable brushes might get damaged when rubbing them over the texture.

KRYDRUFI modular art box paint buckets review
The KRYDRUFI paint bucket module in blue & sand, brushes and Primaris Space Marine for reference

Reviewing the wet palette module

With interior dimensions of 17.5 x 8 cm, the wet palette module is very compact compared to other wet palettes like the Everlasting Wet Palette by Redgrass (review here). As you can purchase the module separately, this might be a nice option for those with a limited hobby space. The palette modules can be spread out not only vertically with clips, but you can also clip multiple modules next to each other if you require more palette space.

The palette’s closure is secure and airtight, even though no sealing rubbers are used. The sponge gives an impression of quality with its thickness of 5mm, although only 10 sheets of palette paper are included, so you should consider purchasing extra sheets right away.

The wet palette module can also be used as a storage box when empty, although the box is a bit too short to accommodate brushes unless you put them in diagonally.

A look at the paint storage module

The paint storage module, like the wet palette module, features an air-tight seal and clips for horizontal and vertical stacking. It includes 12 paint wells of various sizes, as well as plastic ridges for wiping brushes. However, the individual compartments are much too large for the amount of paint needed for painting miniatures. They are more suited for traditional painting with watercolour or oil paint, so you can skip this module for miniature painting purposes.

KRYDRUFI modular art box wet palette and paint storage box review


The standard version, including the brush holder module, a wet palette, and a paint storage module, costs approximately $35. However, there are also other options available, such as a version with two wet palettes, an Ultra version with two additional modules, or you can purchase the modules individually. You can place your order directly through KRYDRUFI’s online shop. Orders over $50 qualify for free shipping, and there are no delivery duties or customs charges. Exclusive for Tale of Painters readers is a 15% discount store-wide, click on the button below and use the code KRYDRUFI-STAHLYTOP during checkout.

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy international shipping, you can also order from the European distributor PK-Pro, which delivers within Europe and Germany.

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  • Clever, modular design
  • Quality plastic
  • High quality wet palette foam


  • Limited colour options
  • Paint storage box is not really suited for miniature paints
  • Clamps could interlock a little more smoothly

Final Verdict

The Krydrufi system is an excellent option for those with limited desk space. I plan to keep my modular art box at my parents' house for spontaneous painting sessions. The biggest drawback might be its size - slightly wider dimensions could have provided more wet palette surface area and storage for brushes. Additionally, I would like to see more modules in the future that cater specifically to the needs of miniature painters and model builders, such as a compartment for paints, tools, and glue, or a dry palette with small paint wells for contrast paints and washes.