Finally my suscription copy arrived! I aimed to provide the earliest White Dwarf review on the net under this heading but I hope you like my reviews anyway.

The Good Stuff:

Designer Notes for Storm of Magic; new Stratagems for Cities of Death; Dark Eldar Haemonculi Coven Army Workshop.

What’s In There For Painters and Modellers?

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Just two very small blurbs of painting Wracks in the Army Workshop, a very basic guide on painting (drybrushing) Cities of Death buildings; a sprue breakdown of the new Black Dragon; Standard Bearer about the relationship of metal (Finecast) and plastic models.

Things I Didn’t Like:

Almost no hobby content; still no ‘Eavy Metal Masterclass; the Cities of Death focus is only pictures of buildings apart from the strategems and a very shortened battle report, you can’t even use the new rules without downloading an FAQ from the website (and there would have been enough space to print it in the magazine); the repetition of images of the new monsters (the new chimera is shown over 30 times); AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THE FACT THAT I NO LONGER GET MY SUSCRIPTIONS COPY EARLIER OR AT LEAST ON TIME.

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The Verdict:

The articles covering Storm of Magic are informative and have a good amount of text, still you get pictures of the same monsters over and over again in this issue. The battle report is what you would expect, unrealisticly huge armies with five or six mosters on each side bashing on each other. The Cities of Death focus, while beeing a good idea to get some gaming stuff into the magazine, consists mainly of pictures of Cities of Death buildings and tables and has actually very little content. I’m also miffed about the lack of good painting or hobby articles, the Dark Eldar workshop is bland as it shows no conversions or particular creativity. Thinking of Storm of Magic, I’d have loved to see some cool and crazy monster conversions or tutorials, but no. This issue felt more shallow to me than the last couple ones, but maybe I’m overly picky because of the new suscription policy and I must admit I’m not really hooked by Storm of Magic.
4/10, maybe 5/10

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