We’ve discussed the matter before here – Citadel will completely revamp their paint range in April/May. Now we’ve got our hand on a supposed list of colours. An surprise – the range won’t be getting smaller but bigger. In fact, it will be huge! The full list after the jump.

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Ceramite White

Averland Sun

Jokaero Orange

Mephiston Red

Khorne Red

Naggaroth Night

Daemonette Hide

Kantor Blue

Macragge Blue

Caledon Sky

Stegadon scale green

Incubi Darkness

Caliban Green

Waaaagh! Flesh

Castellan green

Death world forest

Zandri dust

Steel Legion Drab

Bugmans Glow

Ratskin Flesh

Mournfang brown

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Rhinox hide

Dryad bark

Mechanicus standard grey

Celestus grey

Abaddon Black (the only black in the range)

Rakarth flesh

The fang

Screamer pink

Leadblecher (metal)

Balthasar Gold (metal)

Screaming Bell (metal)

Warplock brown (metal)


White Scar

Yriel Yellow

Flash gitz yellow

Troll slayer orange

Fire dragon bright

Evil sunz scarlet

Wild Rider red

Wazdakka red

Squig Orange

Xereus Purple

Genestealer Purple

Warpfiend Grey

Slaanesh Grey

Alaitoc blue

Hoeth blue

Altdorf guard blue

Calgar blue

Teclis blue

Lothern blue

Sotek green

Temple guard blue

Kabalite green

Sybarite green

Warpstone glow

Moot green

Warboss green

Skarsnik green

Loren Forest

Straken green

Nurgling green

Elysian green

Ogryn camo

Ushabti Bone

Screaming skull

Tallarn sand

Karak stone

Cadian fleshstone

Kislev Flesh

Bestigor flesh

Ungor flesh

Skrag brown

Deathclaw brown

Tau light Ochre

Balor brown

Zamesi brown

Doombull brown

Tuskigor fur

Gorthor Brown

Baneblade Brown


Administratum grey

Eshin grey

Dark reaper

Thunderhawk blue

Skavenblight dinge

Stormvermin fur

Ulthuan grey

Pallid wych flesh

Russ grey

Fenrisian grey

Pink horror

Emperors Children

Ironbreaker (metal)

Runefang steel (metal)

Gehennas gold(metal)

Auric Armour(metal)

Hashut Copper(metal)

Sycorax Bronze(metal)

Brass Scorpion(metal)

Runelord Brass(metal)


Casandora Yellow

Fuegan Orange

Carroburg Crimson

Druchii Violet

Drakenhof Nightshade

Coelia greenshade

Biel-tan green

Athonian camoshade

Seraphim Sepia

Reikland fleshshade

Agrax earthshade (Devlan Mud)

Nuln Oil


Praxeti White

Hexos palesun


Lucius Lilac

Etherium blue

Skink blue

Hellion green

Underhive ash

Eldar Flesh

Tyrant Shell

Terminatus stone

Longbeard grey

Changling pink

Necron Compound

Golden Griffon


Lamenters yellow

Waywatcher Green

Guilliman blue



Mourn Mountain snow

Stirland Mud

Blackfire Eath


Armageddon Dust

Lustrian Undergrowth


Lahmian Medium

Ard coat

Imperial Primer

Liquid Green stuff

Source: yakface from DakkaDakka

Now take this list with a grain of salt. But Yakface is a pretty reliable rumour poster and I’ve heard from various good sources that the paint range will indeed become bigger. And a while ago we’ve seen some new paint pots appearing on ebay, you can see those on the picture above.

What do you think? Drop some comments below!