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Happy new year everyone.  For my 2013 new year resolution, I will be working on The Hobbit box set, the Necron Megaforce and the Dark Vengeance box set. Secondary projects will include models from the Space Marine Megaforce, Tyranid Attack and Epic 40,000. Obviously, these projects will be broken up with distractions of new releases from Forge World and Games Workshop. It’s going to be a busy year!

Read on for a recap of 2012.

At the start of 2012, I posted a new year resolution post. It showed some boxes of models I planned to work on during 2012. Lets see how I got on.

Tyranid Attack – I didn’t do too badly this one. I completed the Terminators, the Librarian, the Scouts, 3  Tyranid Warriors and 2 Hybrids.  That leaves just 3 Warriors and the Genestealers to paint.

Dreadfleet – I had a lot of enjoyment painting all the ships in Dreadfleet and I actually managed to complete it. It’s a rare sight when I actually manage to paint an entire game boxset. I was really happy to accomplish this.

Space Marine Megaforce – I only managed to paint the Land Raider from this box set. This is a shame, on the bright side though I did create two very detailed tutorials using the Land Raider. The first was how to paint the Land Raider, the second was how to weather it.

Arachnarok Spider – This was one of my favourite models I’ve ever painted. It took absolutely ages to complete but was completely worth it. I’m over the moon with the finished result.

Thunderhawk Gunship – It was only a few months ago, I picked up my brushes and tackled the largest model I’ve ever owned. Once again this flying blue brick was a complete adventure and I was pleased to be able to share each step on Tale of Painters. The finished model looks majestic mounted on it’s home made flying stand and displayed in my man cave.


That’s not all folks… 2012 also saw me complete my 1500pt Dark Eldar army by adding a beast master clawed fiend and my 1500pt Grey Knight army was completed with the inclusion of an inteceptor squad.

I also added to my Tyranid Horde with a Hierophant Bio Titan and Tyrannofex.


The Ultramarines saw reinforcements in the form of a lot more scouts and Storm Talon.

I also started my Necron and Black Legion armies. Recently, I delved into the Misty Mountains and started painting models from the Hobbit boxset. So overall, 2012 was pretty busy. Some months were slow when I was only working on the huge Forge World models, but other months felt really productive like when i finished my Dark Eldar and Dreadfleet projects.

Wish me luck for 2013.  Here’s to a positive and exciting hobby year ahead of us all.

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