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I’m slightly ahead of Stahly on this project because I have some units already painted so I know roughly  the direction I’m going in.  In this post I want to chat about three things; painting infantry, painting vehicles and the background information for my Necron force. More after the jump.

Painting Necron Infantry

As you can see by the model above this is a good strong gaming standard, but I want to improve on it. When I first started painting my Necrons it was all about speed painting, but now I want to to make them look great. I want to paint the rust differently. I was drybrushing silvers and using weathering powders before but going forward I plan on stippling oranges and browns and then working silver over the top. I want to keep the theme of electricity arcing weapons but I might do away with the messy OSL and keep it all a bit tighter and neater. I want to introduce golds as the model’s rank gets higher. The use of red armour will increase the better the model’s save is. Eagle eyed regular readers will have noticed I’ve ditched the red bases for desert bases. I really want to reinforce that tomb world Egyptian theme with the bases. I also want to add some Dark Eldar themed pieces to the bases in Stahly’s colour scheme. Read my fluff below to find out how the relationship between our two forces came to be.

Painting Necron Vehicles

The Mega Force includes several vehicles and these require a slightly different approach to the infantry. They will be predominately red and the use of metals will be limited. The red blends will be produced using my airbrush. Weapons will continue to feature electricity arcs.The Doomscythe you see above doesn’t feature OSL glow around the blue orbs, but it still looks effective. 

Background Information

I don’t usually write fluff for armies (I don’t usually write army lists either because I rarely game). I wanted to get into the spirit of this whole project and write some short fluff giving the army purpose. 

The Necron’s have slumbered for an eternity, betrayed by their gods they sleep in stasis. Ad mechs privy to the knowledge of such tomb worlds wonder if they dream. Machines of the Mechanicus have a conscious and a spirit, perhaps it’s possible the Necrons do as well? One thing is for sure, if they do dream, it’s dreams of revenge.

The nobility of the Rautek Dynasty have awakened from their slumber. Their once glistening, paradise world is now a desert planet. The core has cooled and it’s magnetic field blown away by violent solar storms. It’s a barren, airless rock with twin suns. Sand covers the once tall cities of the Rautek, encapsulating the Necrons within and hiding them from the gaze of prying eyes. 

As the Rautek armies power up for the first time in eons, they discover a tragedy. Their living metal bodies are dying. A slow degrading techno-virus has been working it’s way through the Tomb Cities. Eating through their armour. Many have succumbed to the virus, their core systems corrupting within their skulls and rib cages. Symptoms of the virus include rusting around joints, violent rages and self destruction. 

The Crypteks are racing to find a cure, initially they have found that fitting glowing blue containment fields within their chest pieces will slow the virus reaching their core systems but it’s not a cure. The Crypteks are split on how to solve this dilemma. Many say they need to make new stronger bodies, whilst some radically suggest bio-transference to new flesh bodies. Their world offers no solutions, so they march to war, invading neighbouring worlds. It’s a fight for survival and no one will stand in their way. 

The Rautek starships are attacked by the piratical Dark Eldar from the Kabal of the Last Hatred. The hit and run skirmish doesn’t last long, and the damage is repairable. One of the attack craft is brought down by dozens of Tomb Blades and crashes into the Necron ship’s hull. The pilot is recovered for interrogation. Under orders from the Overlord, the Lords and Crypteks are tasked with the interrogation of the Eldar pilot. They could not compute why painful torture wasn’t producing results. The pilot seemed to be enjoying it. They decide to kill the individual and hard wire the brain into the shell of a Pariah with mood suppressors and behaviour inhibitors. Through this approach they learn about the Dark Eldar of the Last Hatred. They are an evil race with vast knowledge on immortality. Their Haemonculi Covens have secrets of flesh and machine surgeries. They potentially hold the key to solve the tragedy of the Rautek. 

The hunter becomes the hunted as the Necrons chase down the Dark Eldar and engage them.

Get involved

We will be posting details soon, explaining how you can get involved and share your work on Tale of Painters. Keep checking back for more details. 

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