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Let’s start off by declaring my love for the new Citadel paint range. That’s right internet, you heard me. “I’m a GW fanboy and proud of it”. Seriously though, there is always a downside to discontinuing a range of paints and that is will the new paints match the old ones? Read on to find out how I’m getting on.

My 15,000pts of Ultramarines have all been painted with Vallejo paints. I can still buy these paints so it’s not like I’m being forced to change. I even used them recently for a detailed Land Raider Tutorial.

So what made me want to change? Well it’s the convenience of popping into my local GW and picking out some new colours to play with. I can see the actual colours instead of trying to buy Vallejo off the internet and the new colours turn up nothing like how I expected. I also feel I tend to waste a lot of Vallejo paint constantly squirting it out onto a palette. 

The other reason for painting this test model is Stahly. He is a big inspiration to me. His neatness is gobsmackingly good. I see his work and it makes me want to tighten up my own game. These models aren’t cheap so I no longer want to rush them. I’m really enjoying taking my time with my Necrons and trying to paint them the best I can. So I want to carry this over to my Ultramarines. This test model features some really fine lines and holds up really well to close up scrutiny. 

This model was painted with Vallejo Game Colour paints. 

My old Ultramarine scheme started with Vallejo Game Colour (VGC) Ultramarine Blue, then I had to mix VGC Wolf Grey into it progressively to highlight. Then I’d line the armour with VGC Stormy Blue. 


The model was painted with Citedal paints

This new Scheme starts with a basecoat of GW Caledor Sky, it’s then shaded with a glaze of GW Macragge Blue a couple of times on the lower areas (not all over – it’s a not a wash). It’s then highlighted on the upper areas with a glaze of GW Hoeth Blue. Line the armour panel gaps with Kantor Blue before finally highlighting the upper edges with Fenrisian Grey. It’s all about softness and you get that from mixing in Lahmian Medium to create glazes. It’s subtle, looks natural and most of all isn’t too different to the old colour scheme.

Has anyone else been brave enough to switch colours half way through a project?

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